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I love Jesus, sharing the Gospel and equipping students to do the same. Mission trips, training events and camp experiences all fit into this: We strive to REACH friends with the Gospel, BUILD them in their faith and INVOLVE students in reaching and building others.

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We have a place for any student looking for a community to belong to. We desire to be a friendly group that focuses on our relationship with Jesus and with others. If you check us out, we pray that you learn to trust in Christ and reach people with His love (REACH) and grow deeper in your understanding of the love of our Savior (BUILD). If you are new to our ministry, a safe place to start would be our Sunday morning Build class. I think that you will like it. If you have come already, I encourage you to get involved with Reach on Wednesday evenings or take the next step of Involvement in joining the E-Team. Whatever program you choose, we want you to know that you are welcomed and desired! Hope to see you there.

-Pastor Nate


1. REACH - our weekly youth group at church

Typically takes place on Wednesdays from 7-8:30 p.m. The weeks of the month are broken down by...

  • PRAY - a simple night of simple prayer and worship in homes. It’s here we pray for friends.
  • PURSUE - Relational and fun activities where we can invite friends to bring them 
    closer to Jesus.
  • PERSUADE - An outreach night to share the Gospel with friends.
  • SERVE - A night to show love to our community in practical ways in the Name of Christ.

You will learn firsthand what the Gospel is and how you can share it with others. Parents are always welcome to come and experience any night and are invited to join with us at every serve experience. It is important to connect with the Facebook or rainedout.net alert since the E-Team plans these nights out and may have variations in times or locations.

2. BUILD - Our Sunday morning Bible study from 9:30-10:30 am

  • We have adult leaders who care about you and will pray with you.
  • We develop accountability through relationships
  • We learn truth by studying the Bible in community and upholding it as our standard of truth
  • We are currently studying through the Answers Bible Curriculum.
  • It's here that we dig deeper in order to strengthen each student for a life-long walk with God

3. E-Team (Involve)

  • Students who love Jesus and are committed to reaching their friends can join this team. This is a fast-paced growth experience for students as they meet monthly for training in sharing their faith, growing deeper in God’s Word and planning out next month's REACH nights. Contact Nate if you desire to be part.




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