The whole world is our vision! Our missions ministry is committed to encouraging and supporting our missionaries around the world as well as exposing and informing our people about world-wide spiritual needs.


Missions Development Team - This exists to involve the congregation personally and collectively in missions and to partner with our missionaries and their mission agencies in support of world evangelization.

Financial Support - Monthly financial support of missionaries and mission organizations through the regular budget of the church

Special Projects - Providing for our missionaries’ special needs through our Grant Fund or special offerings

Support Cells - Smaller teams of Open Door people formed to keep closer contact with each missionary, encourage them through special projects and to pray for their specific needs

Scholarships - Providing partial scholarships for our high school and college age youth who go on short term missions trips

Missions conferences, missions events - Conferences to inform people about world missions and other opportunities for our missionaries to report on their ministries

Missions Trips - Occasional missions trips organized to encourage our missionaries and accomplish various ministry projects



Open Door supports the following missionaries and organizations as part of our annual budget.



BastJan & Cheryl Bast

Affiliation: Ethnos 360

Location: Florida (retired)

Former ministry: Language & Orientation Administrator, Philippines; Assoc. Membership Director, USA; Admin. Assistant, Bible School-USA

hatfieldLuke & Mikaela Hatfield

Affiliation: His House Christian Fellowship

Location: Ripon, WI

Ministry: Live with, love and point college students to Christ at Ripon College.


keefeJohn & Rebecca Keefe

Affiliation: Ethnos 360

Location: Paraguay

Ministry: Church-planting and equipping church leaders


keeleBill & Bev Keele

Affiliation: Ethnos 360

Location: Arkansas (retired)

Former ministry: Serving in Thailand and as representative for NTM

olmsteadSeth and Anya Meeks

Affiliation: Fort Wilderness Ministries

Location: McNaughton, WI

Ministry: Senior Director of Student Ministries (Shepherding Leaders, Reaching Students)

olmsteadPaul & Susan Olmstead

Affiliation: Ethnos 360

Location: Florida

Ministry: Coaching new missionary candidates and working with Personnel Department in Florida


bastNeal & Carol Raetz

Affiliation: Ethnos 360

Location: Florida (retired)

Former ministry: Previously served in Indonesia, then in administration and finance office for NTM and NTM Homes

stousRhett and Stacie

Affiliation: Ethnos 360

Location: En route to Papua New Guinea

Ministry: Church-planting team


turekJim & Connie Turek

Affiliation: Ethnos 360

Location: Missouri

Ministry: Teacher, outreach coordinator; Student Life Leadership Team at NTM Missionary Training Center


weaversDan & Nancy Weavers

Affiliation: Ethnos 360

Location: Arizona (retired)

Ministry: Administration



Open Door also supports three Indonesian families ministering in Peleng.

Donny & Tia Podarang

Affiliation:  YMMP

Location:  Asia Pacific

Ministry:  Church-Planting

Arman & Itje Garu

Affiliation:  YMMP

Location:  Asia Pacific

Ministry:  Church-Planting



Sidi & Bida Nemo

Affiliation:  YMMP

 Location:  Asia Pacific

Ministry:  Church-Planting




  • Campus Life, Sheboygan, WI - Reaching and equipping teens and families with the Gospel in Sheboygan County
  • Midwest Church Extension - Church planting and development in Wisconsin, Indiana and Illinois


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