Our stated purpose as a church is "To glorify God by reaching people with the Gospel, building them in their relationship with God and involving them in God's plan."

We often summarize this purpose as RBI - Reach, Build, Involve.


Our first desire as a church to reach people with the message of how they can have eternal salvation. We understand from the Bible that we can have eternal life only through faith in Jesus Christ's death on the cross. Nothing is more important than knowing for sure that you will live forever in heaven.



The next purpose we seek to accomplish is to build people spiritually. By this we mean that we want to help people grow in their understanding of God through His Word - the Bible, through relationships with other believers and through worship together. The church is a family and we will develop a strong relationship with God as we function together.


Finally, we believe strongly that everyone should be involved in ministry. Some might assume that ministry is the job of paid professionals - the pastors and staff of a church. But God has called every believer to be involved in His great work of reaching and building people spiritually. Involvement is not an issue of duty; it's a matter of gratefully using the gifts and abilities God gives us to serve Him.

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