The goal

The main purposes we seek to accomplish through our Saturday service and two Sunday services are to worship God and to be encouraged through God's Word. When we worship we are telling God together that we love, worship, and trust Him. We want to give God the credit He deserves for His greatness. When we study God's word we are learning who God is, what He has done for us and how we can live in a way that pleases Him.


Our sermons are posted online weekly and are available on this website or via podcast.


The format

We are led in musical worship by a worship band that typically includes guitar, drums, keyboard, bass guitar and several vocalists. Our worship style is contemporary to a large degree, but blends in some of the timeless hymns that continue to effectively express biblical faith.

Each service includes an opportunity to give a financial offering. We believe financial giving is really an act of worship expressing our appreciation for God's gift of eternal life. There is no obligation or expectation to give - especially for our guests.

A central part of each service is devoted to a Bible message. We are strongly committed to teaching the Bible expositionally. That means we generally study through various books of the Bible letting it speak for itself. We seek both to understand God better and apply His principles in practical ways.

current events


Jan. 28 at 6 pm

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