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Ground Rules

Centennial 2 (Grafton): A ball that rolls over the pathway across left and center fields will be ruled a triple. A ball hit onto or over the path is a home run.

Belgium: The fence along the first and third base lines continues into the outfield as an out-of-play line. Any ball caught by a fielder who has one or both feet are out of play (in the umpire's judgment) will be a dead ball, counting only as a foul and not an out.

Rules of Play

Age - Minimum age is 15 years. Birthday must fall before May 1.

Additional hitter - Each team is permitted to use up to four alternate hitters (AH) in their lineup. This player does not play as a defensive fielder. The AH can be freely rotated with defensive players. Teams starting a game with 11-14 batters must finish the game with that number unless a player is injured and no replacement is available.

Ball - The league uses a .44 core yellow ball. Balls will be provided by the umpire.

Balls and strikes - Three balls and two strikes. A pitched ball that hits any part of the plate or mat is a strike assuming it meets the minimum and maximum arc requirements. Intentional walks are allowed, with no pitches required.

Banned bats - Approved bats are based on list maintained on ASA website. The list of bats that have the ASA mark but are still banned can be found here. Both managers will agree on bats before the game. If a bat is found questionable, the opposing manager has the right to refuse the bat. All bats will be placed together at a specified area for inspection prior to the game. After inspection by both managers, no bats may be added for the entire game.

Base-running - Players running home cannot intentionally collide with the catcher and will be called out if they do so. Catchers cannot deliberately block the plate unless doing so incidentally while catching a throw or applying a tag. Players running from first to second base in a potential double-play scenario must slide or angle to the right. An umpire can rule one or both runners out if the runner approaching second is deemed to have interfered with the throw intentionally.

Conduct - Christian conduct at all times. The home team leads in prayer before the game. No alcohol, smoking, or swearing will be allowed! Any player doing so will be asked to leave.

Disputes - No arguing over opinion calls by the umpires, including balls and strikes. If an incorrect rule is enforced by the umpire only the managers of each team may discuss the ruling with the umpire.

Fake tags - Infielders are not allowed to use "fake tags," miming a tag when a runner is approaching but no throw is coming. This endangers runners by forcing unnecessary slides and gives the defense an unfair and illegal advantage. Any time a fake tag is made, the runner approaching that base will be awarded the next base. Repeat offenses can be cause for ejection.

Forfeits - Each team has 15 minutes to obtain the minimum number of players or they will forfeit the game. Ffor games with a time limit, this is reduced to 5 minutes. Each team must have a minimum of 8 players or the game is a forfeit.

Game length - Each game will be 7 innings. Four innings is a complete game. If a game is interrupted by rain beyond that point, the score reverts to the last completed full inning. If the game does not reach four innings, it will be replayed from the beginning. If more than two games are scheduled consecutively, no new innings will begin if less than 5 minutes remain until the next scheduled game. If the game is called for time, the final score will be the score after the last completed full inning.

Home runs - Only three out-of-play home runs are allowed on all fields. Any "out of play" home run after three will be a double, with base runners advancing 2 bases.

Lead-offs - Runners may not leave the base until the batter swings, or the runner will be called out by the umpire. Stepping off base on a swing and a miss WILL NOT result in the runner being called out.

Mercy rule - The game will be declared over if a team is winning by 15 or more runs after the trailing team's has batted in either the 5th or 6th inning. The leading team can end the game by extending the lead to 15 runs in the bottom of the 5th or 6th inning.

Pitching - The ball must be thrown underhand at a moderate speed. The pitching mound distance will be 50 feet. The ball must be a minimum of 3 feet above the pitcher's release point, and no higher than 12 feet above the ground. A pitch not within these limits will be considered a ball. The umpire shall immediately signal when a ball is not a legal pitch by calling out "flat" or "high" while the pitch is in the air. The batter then has the option to swing at the pitch.

Players - A team playing with only 8 players will be penalized by an automatic out, each time for the 9th batting position. Additional players may be added to the lineup anytime (regardless of whether the lineup has circled back to the top) at the bottom of the batting order until the team has 10 players. If the lineup has circled back to the top, no players beyond 10 may be added. A team must finish the game with the same number of players in the batting order as when it began, unless due to injury. If a player is forced out due to injury, the team can go down to nine players with no outs imposed. An out is imposed for the ninth position in the order if injuries reduce the team to eight players. All players available to play must play, unless they personally decline.

Playoffs - Home field in the championship game of a double-elimination playoff will go to the team coming from the winner's bracket. If a second championship game is needed due to a win by the loser's bracket team, home team for that game is determined by a coin flip.

Pinch runners - Player(s) with a physical disability or injury that will need a designated runner should be identified by coaches prior to game time. The player in the lineup who made the last out that inning will become the designated runner. This rule will also be used if a player is injured during the game and cannot run for themselves.

Rain - If there is rain during the game, the umpire and managers will determine if the game will continue. Every effort will be made to reach the four-inning threshold if the game is close to that point. Every player can call the "Standby only voice mail" number which will have a message by 5:00 PM on the details of that night's game, or check the website at

Re-entry - It is acceptable for a starter who has been removed from the game to re-enter once later in the game. Substitutes cannot re-enter after leaving the game.

Roster - All but two members on a team are to be regular attendees of your church. You should not have a player on your team who is a member of another team already in our league.

Shoes - No metal spikes are allowed.

Strike mat - The strike mat will extend 34 inches from both edges of the plate. Each team will be equipped with a strike mat that they are responsible to bring to home games.

Tiebreaker - The first tiebreaker will be head-to-head games. The second will be record versus the top three teams in the league. If a tie remains, the pool will be expanded to four teams, five teams, etc. until the tie is broken. The final tie-breaker is a coin flip.

Trophies - A first place team plaque will be awarded the team with the best overall record in each division during the regular season. A playoff champion plaque will be awarded to the winner of the playoff series.

Umpires – There will be one paid umpire per game, responsible for all calls on the field. Teams on bye may be asked to provide an umpire if a paid umpire is not available in a given week.